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ATMIT S.A.L., Aramex Bldg. - Sin el Fil, Beirut Lebanon


+961 (1) 495 502/3


+961 (1) 495 503


About us

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ATMIT company is a business and IT solutions provider company that focuses on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Web applications.

ATMIT offers organizations new and more creative ways of applying the latest technology in order to IMPROVE and EASE business operations and service levels.


Our Vision

ATMIT's corporate vision combines its core values of innovative and customized technology in order to exceed customer satisfaction and to be in touch with the global business community at all times. Its main objective is to improve business operations and service levels using tailored IT and web-based solutions.

Our vision is to “link people and systems together in order to ease / facilitate business lives”.

Our Mission

To achieve the largest IT market-share in the country by providing:

  • ATMIT integrated hardware & software solutions.
  • High-tech, cost effective, and innovative IT solutions.
  • First-class Customer Service through sustainable partnership relationships.
  • Highly competent Human Capital.
  • International Standards in our products and systems.
  • Continuous improvement and innovation in our services.

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